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Music has the power to alter people’s emotions and sentiments in an instant. It has the power to alleviate tension, discomfort, difficulty, and distraction while also bringing enjoyment and tranquility into our life. Music has the power to unite people in a number of ways.

Music is being utilized to treat various memory-loss-related disorders such as dementia in the medical field. According to several studies, persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia can benefit emotionally and behaviorally by listening to or singing music. Because major brain regions associated with musical memory are generally unaffected by Alzheimer’s disease, musical memories are frequently maintained.

In this podcast, we are joined by Joshua Vickery, Chief Executive Officer, Encore Creativity for Older Adults. Joshua talks about the importance of music in our lives and how it affects our memory. He also suggested that music be utilized as a treatment for those suffering from memory disorders. He also discusses how music therapy might aid individuals with dementia and how it is gradually becoming recognized as an alternate treatment approach.

Key Takeaways

The Importance of Music in the Journey with Dementia
Individuals with Dementia how Music is Beneficial with Challenging Behaviors
The Difference between Listening Music and Therapeutic Music
Music Genres, Instruments, Singing, and Procedures Incorporated into Music Therapy
Things about the Sentimental Journey Singer Program
Music Therapy and the Impact of Care Partners on Dementia Patients
The Medical Community Recognizes Music Therapy’s Benefits
Joshua’s Personal Experience with Music Therapy with Patients
How to Join the Organization and What are The Things to Look at to be a Music Therapist


We all know that music is universal; we all like music, regardless of our age or stage in life, and music is associated with memories. – Joshua

Music therapy is unique in this regard. Music therapy involves competent professional health care therapists who use treatments to promote therapeutic effects, such as employing music. – Joshua

Featured in this Episode

Joshua Vickery
Chief Executive Officer, Encore Creativity for Older Adults

Perry Limes
Director, Strategic Partnerships
Hospice of the Chesapeake

Thanks and Appreciations

We’d like to thank the John and Cathy Belcher Institute for their generous support of our community outreach and education programs.