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Encore University

Encore University

Keeping you singing, dancing, creating, and learning!


Supplemental music education taught by the best minds, all conducted via Zoom for learning wherever you are.


Our expansive Encore University curriculum is available to you for one all-inclusive tuition price.


Each 10-week course runs one hour per week.


Encore University’s Spring 2024 Semester will begin on February 12. Register today for access to live and recorded versions of all Encore University classes this semester!

Encore University Masterclasses

Encore University’s newest educational offering – a series of dynamic and wide-ranging topics tailored for you!

Encore University’s Masterclass series seamlessly blends the educational quality of Encore University with the expertise of our instructors for one class deep-dives into practical topics that you can use in your artistic journey. In our 90-minute masterclasses, renowned instructors and musicians will bring their talent to the Zoom classroom. Encore University’s Masterclass series can be enjoyed whether you’re a current Encore University student, or just a lifelong creative learner!

Encore Creativity Mastercourse: Healing Through Music with Joey Clark

Encore Creativity Mastercourse: Healing Through Music with Joey Clark

Encore University’s Masterclass series continues with a special three class event!

In this special 3-part masterclass – a master course in learning – Encore University instructor Joey Clark returns to the Zoom classroom for the next installment in his Healing Through Music course!

In this series, we will explore both Western and Eastern philosophies of how music has been used throughout history as a healing practice. We will delve into studies of physical anatomy, scientific research, and historical practice while being guided in explorations through movement, singing, vocal toning, chanting, and percussion instrumentation. Our goal is to leave refreshed, enlightened and full of resources to nurture your own body, mind, and spirit with musical interventions!

This special Mastercourse will cover three major topics and is offered as a special bundle for Encore Creativity. For $30 (the price of two Masterclasses), you will be granted access to all three classes!

  • Class One (June 26, 7:30 PM – 9 PM ET): An overview of medical research (brain processing of music, endocrine system, vagus nerve, muscular anatomy, cardiovascular health, respiratory system, energy systems, psychology)
  • Class Two (July 24, 7:30 PM – 9 PM ET): A deep dive on the spiritual traditions of music (drum circles, singing bowls, chanting, meditation)
  • Class Three (August 21, 7:30 PM – 9 PM ET): Exploring how musical healing has been put into practice throughout time (vocal toning, drumming – frame drum and steel-tongue drum, singing, breathwork)
June 26, July 24, August 21 | 7:30 – 9:00 PM ET | $30 (all three classes!)
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Masterclass Archive

All of our Masterclass series videos are recorded to be viewed on-demand later. If you’ve missed a Masterclass, click the links below to register for access to the archived recording of that session. Your registration email will include a link to the recorded presentation that you can watch whenever you’d like!