Encore Fall 2021 Repertoire Announced

While many details regarding Encore's Fall Semester are still unresolved, the repertoire singers will be rehearsing and performing has been decided:



“A Festive Pat a Pan” by Tom Fetke and Thomas Grass  

“Eight Days of Lights” by Judith Clurman and David Chase   

“Winter’s Night” by  Nicholas Myers  

“Festival Gloria” by Jacob B. Weber  

“Yuletide Carols” arranged by David Chase   

“The Holiday Season” by Kay Thompson / arranged by Mark Hayes

“Hallelujah Chorus” by G.F. Handel / arranged by Larry Pugh   



“Rockin' with Santa” / arranged by Mac Huff

“The Man with the Bag/Santa Baby” arranged by Paul Langford

“The Beatles: Abbey Road Medley” by Lennon & McCartney / arranged by Alan Billingsley 

“Fields of Gold” by Sting / arranged by Philip Lawson 

“Under Pressure” by Queen / arranged by Mac Huff

“I Walk the Line: The Music of Johnny Cash” by Johnny Cash / arranged by Alan Billingsley 

“A Motown Snapshot Medley” arranged by Kirby Shaw


“Here Comes Santa Claus” by Gene Autry and Oakley Haleman / arranged by Cristi Cary Miller

“Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” by Cahn and Styne / arranged by Joyce Eilers-Bacak 

“Happy Together” by arranged by Gary Bonner and Alan Gordan / arranged by  Kirby Shaw

“Route 66” by  arranged by Bobby Troup / arranged by Roger Emerson

“Sentimental Journey” by Les Brown, Ben Homer, and Bud Green / arranged by Hawley Ades

A Conversation with Encore Singer Sandra Quinn

Interview conducted by ENCORE conductor David Simmons

Recently, while telephoning each of my DC ROCKS singers to check in with them during this challenging time, I discovered that one of our members, Dr. Sandra Quinn, is in the eye of our current COVID-19 storm due to her decades of work in the fields of public health and health equity, where a portion of her work has focused on public health emergency preparedness and response. She was the first to examine public attitudes toward emergency use authorizations for drugs and vaccines and test an empirical model of disparities in exposure, susceptibility, and access to care during a pandemic.  I asked Dr. Quinn if she would chat with me about her work in the field of public health as well as her experiences as a devoted singer in ENCORE.  She agreed and I am thrilled to share my conversation with the Encore family:

Sandra Quinn Photo 01 1David At what age did you start singing in choirs/choruses and what is your choral background?

Sandra – My first experience with formal singing was in my Andover High School Chorus in Linthicum, MD.  That was also my last formal choral experience until I started singing with ENCORE many years later.

David How long have you been singing with Encore?

Sandra – I started singing with ENCORE in September of 2014

David What path led you to Encore?

Sandra – I had heard a story on NPR about choral groups for older singers and said to my husband that, if the opportunity arose, I wanted to join one of these groups.  Since I am still working full-time, I could not join a chorus with rehearsals that occurred during the day, but then I discovered that ENCORE was offering an evening rehearsal in DC.  I have not missed a semester since joining in 2014.

David What Encore ensembles/camps/tours have you participated in over the years?

Sandra I sang in a Chorale from the fall of 2014 through 2015.  When the ROCKS division of ENCORE was formed in the fall of 2015, I joined the inaugural ROCKS group in DC and I have sung with ROCKS ever since its inception.  I sang in ENCORE’s summer camps at Chautauqua in 2016 and 2017 and participated in both the 2018 and 2019 Rock & Roll Summer Camps and I am signed up for this coming summer’s Rock & Roll Camp.

David What keeps bringing you back to Encore’s programs each season? 

Sandra – Several things keep bringing me back to ENCORE:  I love the singing; I’ve made a whole new set of friends; I love the learning; I love the different conductors’ styles; I love the sense of accomplishment and excitement that you feel at the end of a semester right before a concert.  In fact, many times, as we are coming to the end of a concert program, I will often find myself crying on stage from a pure sense of joy at what we have all just experienced.

David What is your favorite aspect of Encore’s programming?

Sandra – Once again, there are several things I need to mention:  One, if I was not working full-time anymore, I would be doing both Chorale and ROCKS and ALL the camps and retreats.  Second, with ROCKS, I love the fact that even though I knew the melody to many of the songs for years, I now have to learn a new part in a new arrangement of the song.  Finally, I find it interesting that the ROCKS pieces that I love the best are not the arrangements of songs that I have loved for years.  Instead, it is often the arrangements of the songs that I didn’t know at all before singing them with ROCKS that I come to love the most.

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Rules for Safe Rehearsals in the Fall

 As COVID numbers have been rising due to the Delta variant, we have received inquiries regarding any changes in our fall plans. At this time, Encore intends to proceed with our normal schedule, as previously announced, beginning September 7th.

The counties we serve show a significantly lower number of cases per 100,000 population compared to the U.S. overall.  We are requiring all to be vaccinated, wear masks, and social distance, and even if a vaccinated person contracts COVID, the symptoms are generally mild. Fewer than 1% of COVID cases occur in those who have been vaccinated. We have been monitoring all available sources of guidance, including CDC, Chorus America, and other major choral organizations’ plans and feel reasonably confident in this decision.Singers Mask

Encore’s decision is based upon certain non-negotiable requirements. This does not apply to those singing online only.  

  1.   All singers and conductors must show proof of full vaccination.
  2.   All singers and conductors must be masked.
  3.   All singers will be socially distanced.

vaccine cardScenario of our first rehearsal:

  • Bring a pen and pencil
  • Bring your own sanitizer and use it after you are seated. 

    Read more: Rules for Safe Rehearsals in the Fall

    Encore is Now a Combined Federal Campaign Approved Charity

    ShowSomeLove BlueEncore Creativity has recently been designated as an official charity of the Chesapeake Bay Area Combined Federal Campaign. For those of you who are federal employees, you may make your pledge via a payroll deduction and it is easy to renew your gift each year. For retirees and survivors, you can now make a one-time contribution or a recurring gift that is automatically deducted from your retirement annuity. 

    The 2019 Combined Federal Campaign runs from September 9, 2019 through January 10, 2020 via the CFC giving portal.

     Encore’s CFC Charity ID 49601.

     View Encore’s video as part of the CFC Virtual Charity Fair

    Perhaps you are not a federal employee, retiree or survivor, but we imagine that you know some folks who are, and might be willing to support an organization that YOU care about. We encourage you to share this information with them, letting them know of the positive impact Encore makes in the world.