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Michael C. Patterson – founder of MINDRAMP Consulting and expert on the field of creative aging – joins Encore Creativity for a FREE Zoom Masterclass next month on May 3, 2023. Encore Creativity was founded on the concepts of living well and aging with creativity. Join us for this spirited conversation and explore how the mind and brain can be cultivated to promote living long and living well.

Michael’s illustrious career has brought him everywhere from creative production in theater to the study of creative aging, with long careers at PBS and AARP. He holds a lifelong curiosity about the science of brain and mind, bringing him to positions on the Board of Directors at the National Center for Creative Aging, where he led their research division. Michael developed the award-winning Staying Sharp Brain Health Program that involved him with the work of top neuroscientists, including Dr. Gene Cohen’s seminal work on creative aging that inspired the founding of Encore Creativity for Older Adults.

On May 3rd, he will connect once more with Encore Creativity for a discussion on music and brain health, touching on such topics as:

  • the techniques for fostering healthy brains and sharp minds with the concept of Qualongevity: quality-of-life and longevity
  • how music connects to qualongevity, and how music promotes brain health
  • how music helps to manage our minds in ways that promote happiness, equanimity and fulfillment
  • tackling the question of the evolutionary purpose of music – what is music for, and how music is built around our perception of sound

The conversation will conclude with a Q&A session, where you’ll be able to ask any questions you might have about the connection between music and living well!

DATE AND TIMEWednesday, May 3, 7:30 PM ET – 9:00 PM ET

Save the date – and watch your inbox for the Zoom information soon!


Michael C. Patterson is a writer, educator and speaker who focuses on the art and science of successful longevity. He explores how mind and brain can be cultivated to promote living long and living well.

Michael ‘s first career was in the theatre. He acted, directed and helped found The Bear Republic Theater in Santa Cruz, California. While in Santa Cruz, Michael helped establish a chapter of the Grey Panthers and produced and directed an original play about aging called “Wrinkles.”

He then developed a career in public television, first at WNET in NY and then with PBS in Washington DC. While at PBS, Michael helped develop the PBS Ready To Learn Service that provided parents with tools to leverage the educational value of PBS children’s programming. He also developed the early digital platforms that gave rise to the PBS Kids Channel and the PBS Lifelong Learning Channel.

Michael became more deeply involved with the topic of successful aging when he joined AARP. Michael worked with the National Retired Teachers Association at AARP and developed the award-winning Staying Sharp Brain Health Program, which brought him into contact with the top neuroscientists in the country. While at AARP, Michael had the opportunity to fund completion of Dr. Gene Cohen’s seminal research establishing the health benefits of engagement with the arts.

Dr. Cohen invited Michael to serve on the Board of Directors of the newly formed National Center for Creative Aging where he founded and ran the research committee.

In 2009, Michael and a colleague established MINDRAMP Consulting which develops evidence-based programs and services to promote healthy brains and sharp minds. Michael now writes a regular column on aging and the brain for 3rd Act Magazine, produces and hosts the MINDRAMP Podcast and is writing a book on how to manage our minds to promote happiness and fulfillment as we age.