We’re thrilled Encore University Logoto announce open registration for a reinvigorated (and expanded!) Encore University, featuring up to 15 live courses per semester (dependent on registration totals) facilitated by top-notch performer-educators.

Our Ear Training and Sight Singing, Class Voice, and Basic Musicianship courses will help hone your skills as a singer and musician. We’ll get you moving in Ballet for Beginners and Move, Connect, Create! and, if you’re a rock star at heart, you’ll love Rock-n-Roll History. Learn to conduct choral masterworks in Principles of Conducting, and get your pencils ready for Drawing and Sketching for Beginners. Music in Film and Music as Literature courses will inspire fabulous conversations while our Opera and Music Theater history classes will enrich your love of the stage.

There is so much to offer this semester and lots more coming in the next too!

All Encore University classes run Monday through Friday at 9am, 1pm, and 4pm. Can’t make a live class? Don’t worry! Every Encore University class is recorded and will be available on demand.

All registered students will also have access to a weekly Midday Recital Series and Midday Masterclass Series performed by the same incredible musicians and educators supporting our Encore University courses. Our Midday Series will run from 12-1230pm every Wednesday and be available on demand as well.

This expansive Encore University curriculum is available to you, all inclusive for up to 150 individual classes, plus a recital and masterclass series for $185 per semester; which is around $1.25 per class.

Here’s a peek at what we’re offering (up to 15 courses, in bold) this semester. Each 10-week course runs one hour per week, beginning the week of February 14, 2022. Click HERE to register.

Courses printed in bold are being offered this semester.

Voice Studio     

·Breathing for Singing 
·Diction for Singing I (The Romance Languages)
·Diction for Singing II (The Romance Languages)
·Ear Training and Sight-singing I
·Ear Training and Sight-singing II
·Class Voice 1 (2 courses)
·Class Voice 2                   



Music History  

·Music History I (From Antiquity to the Renaissance)
·Music History II (Music in the Baroque Era)
·Music History III (Music in the Classical Era)  
·Music History IV (Music in the Romantic Era)
·Music History V (Modernism and Beyond, Music in the 20th and 21st Centuries)
·History of Music Theatre
·History of Opera
·Choral Masterworks I
·Choral Masterworks II
·Jazz History
·History of Rock n’ Roll

Basic Musicianship and Music Theory  

·Basic Musicianship
·Music Theory I 
·Music Theory II
·Music Theory III


Composition and Score Study

·Basic Score Study I (prerequisite: Music Theory I)
·Basic Score Study II (prerequisite: Music Theory I)
·Masterworks Score Study (Faure’s Requiem)
·Masterworks Score Study (Brahms’ Requiem)
·Basic Composition I (prerequisite: Music Theory I)
·Basic Songwriting (Rock and Pop)

Dance Studio

·Ballet for Beginners
·Move, Connect, Create!  
·Moving Stories 
·Hula for Beginners
·Jazz for Beginners


Conducting Studio

·Principles of Conducting I: Choral Masterworks
·Principles of Conducting II: Choral Masterworks


Creative Writing / Reading Studio

·Collaborative and Creative Writing (composition and reading series)
·Music as Literature (Encore Book Club)
·Short Stories


Art Studio

·Drawing / Sketching for Beginners
·Linking Music Performance and Visual Art I (lecture series / art instruction)
·Linking Music Performance and Visual Art II (lecture series / art instruction)
·Watercolor / Painting


Lifelong Learning

·Creative Conversations (connecting artists with Encore membership, weekly, in an open forum)
·Music and the Brain (connecting Encore membership with music therapists)
·Music in Film 
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