Rick Ritter 1Rick Ritter, a graduate of Denison University and Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, has spent most of his career in business of direct marketing of books.  He began his career working for Doubleday Book Clubs on Literary Guild, and Military Book Club. He then joined Macmillan Book Clubs to become Director of Media, where he directed the purchase the space ads and the mailing lists for Macmillan’s professional clubs. When Macmillan purchased Gryphon Editions in Birmingham, AL, Rick relocated to direct the business. Gryphon publishes deluxe leather-bound, facsimiles of classic books in Law and Medicine. Rick returned to New York and briefly worked in mergers and acquisitions with the book club division.  National Geographic’s book division hired Rick to work on its continuity and annuals program.

When the Gryphon Editions business was later put up for sale, Rick made the winning offer. He’s run Gryphon from his home office in Potomac, Maryland. Rick joined Encore Chorale about six years ago, and has enjoyed every moment of it.  His wife of 41 years, Clare, joined Encore a few years after Rick did, and has developed into a fine singer in her own right.

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