Leadership and Conductors

Joshua Vickery 2Joshua Vickery began his role as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the organization on October 18, 2021. Joshua was drawn to the mission and vision of Encore Creativity and is thrilled to be joining the team. He plans to bring his experience and passions to the table to have great influence across the nation.

Prior to joining Encore, Vickery served as Executive Director of Central Florida Community Arts (CFCArts), an organization which he founded in 2010. This organization consists of thousands of artists in multiple choirs; an adult and youth symphony orchestra; children/youth arts program; theatre; School of Performing Arts and programs for seniors, vulnerable communities and arts and wellness. Vickery is a vocalist, actor, teacher, producer, musical director, arts administrator, and conductor. His love of music and the arts has allowed him to have an extraordinary career thus far.

He holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Vocal Performance, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Education/Music. Vickery has been a featured soloist in countless venues, produced musical recordings, and has been a director of numerous productions. He has been an entertainment leader, casting director, and vocal coach for Walt Disney Entertainment. He also serves as a consultant for other arts organizations in their beginning stages and a voice for local, state, and national arts advocacy. Vickery has received numerous leadership and community accolades and serves on multiple state and national boards.

Joshua is excited to be with Encore, to honor the incredible legacy of Founder Jeanne Kelly, and to build on its foundation for impact into the future.