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CA: Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita Encore Chorale Spring Concert

What a wonderful concert! Roberta Kessler, founder of the Santa Clarita Encore Chorale and enthusiastic participant, shared these comments after their Spring 2016 concert:

What struck me the most was how very happy the singers were to be there, dressed in black, with ribbons the different colors of the Olympic flags (since the Olympics will be this summer).  They were taking pictures of each other beforehand and were excited about being together and doing a concert.  We had all brought drinks and lots of cookies, brownies, etc., so afterwards, people stayed and talked and just enjoyed themselves.  The audience was appreciative and laughed at the conductor's spoof words about 70 going on 80 from The Sound of Music's 16 going on 17.  One of the alto's (who hadn't sung in years) had surgery on her arm in the morning, went home, slept until 2:30, and came to the concert with her arm in a sling and sang.  She said she loved Encore and singing. So, it made a difference in people's lives which is what it is all about, right?! Love it! We will end the Spring season with a potluck for our chorale members and spouses and congratulate ourselves on our accomplishments.