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A group of Encore singers and spouses/significant others traveled to Spain and Portugal May 26 – June 6, 2017 on a Grand Circle Travel tour. The trip is documented in a photo slide show presented in five parts. Each segment will play automatically after the previous one completes

“I should like to ask you: -- Does your childhood seem far off? Do the days when you sat at your mother's knee, seem days of very long ago?" Responding to his softened manner, Mr. Lorry answered: "Twenty years back, yes; at this time of my life, no. For, as I draw closer and closer to the end, I travel in the circle, nearer and nearer to the beginning. It seems to be one of the kind smoothings and preparings of the way. My heart is touched now, by many remembrances that had long fallen asleep, of my pretty young mother (and I so old!), and by many associations of the days when what we call the World was not so real with me, and my faults were not confirmed with me.”― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities