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Encore Program Registration

jeanne_snow_mar_02_2009Well boys and girls, we have a snow day! For those outside of the DC/Baltimore area reading this blog, we had snow yesterday. Lots of beautiful snow. I live on the Chesapeake Bay and we got around 9 inches. So needless to say, we were in all day yesterday, and then around 4pm we ventured out to start digging our way to freedom. I quickly realized that many were not going to be digging out until today, and with the temperatures not going above 30, there was not going to be a lot of melting. So I decided to make the decision to declare a snow day for Tuesday, also. I almost broke my neck walking down the lane to get the Washington Post this morning. Treacherous out there if you live in the suburbs, back streets or the "sticks". So today is a catch up day, dealing with camp details, spring concert details, music research, etc. And I just might catch a nap. Boy, wouldn't that be unusual. But I am not allowed to nap until I finish this blog.

A new part of Encore unfolded last week at the Encore Chorale of Myerberg Senior Center. We have many many more women than men, and currently we have two men out, one in Florida for a month and one out taking care of an ill family member. So we are really low on men. I gave the women a three part score of Someone to Watch Over Me, words by Ira Gershwin and music by George Gershwin. They loved it and sounded absolutely divine. I promised I would find more music for them. So..........Encore now has a Women's Chorus. Since all of our chorales have more women than men, I am sure more Women's Choruses will be started. But there is a fabulous group of 13 men at the Smithsonian Encore Chorale and if we combine all of the men from the seven chorales, we could do a very neat men's chorus........maybe a great Gilbert and Sullivan chorus. Wouldn't that be fun!

And speak of unfolding.......... Encore will be expanding ..............into Ohio! Last week we received word that Laurel Lake Retirement Community out of Hudson, Ohio will be joining Encore as an Affiliate chorus. Their conductor, Donna Anderson, has over 50 talented and dedicated singers in the Laurel Lake Chorale. And Encore is very excited. And there will be an Affiliate Encore Chorale up in the Waterbury area of Connecticut next fall, headed up by a husband/wife team Katia and Pier Giorgio DeLucia. They just moved to the US from Brazil. I taught Katia voice at the Levine School of Music and then at Catholic University in DC. Her husband is a fabulous pianist and conductor. They will make a great team. Encore is definitely moving forward with our mission of providing exceptional arts education and performance opportunities for older adults.

News flash: Encore will be live with a newly redesigned web site very soon! And it is spiffy!

That's it for now. I need that nap!