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Encore Up Close 2013-2014 (Encore Up Close Report)
Encore Spain-Portugal 2017 (Singing at Sea - Travel Fliers)
Encore ROCKS Glen Echo Spring 2017 (Encore Chorales Location Fliers Winter/Spring 2017)
Highlands Ranch Info Brochure (Denver Area Information)
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“When we sing, I am one of many, and the individual me evaporates. I am one of 23 university choir members. Not a professor. Not an American. Not a 46-year-old in the midst of twentysomethings. Not a woman trying to outpace the aspects of self she has yet to make peace with. I am simply what we all are--another voice, a set of lungs, some vocal chords and someone who finds joy and comfort in singing. But when the music stops, so does the we. The union dissolves. The silence transforms first person plural into first person singular.”― Laura Kelly, Dispatches from the Republic of Otherness