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  • Encore Chorale is Coming to Asbury Methodist Village!

    Nation’s Largest Choral Program for Older Adults Comes to Asbury Methodist Village

    Combined Encore Chorales will perform at the  Kennedy Center Dec. 23, 2012

    Encore Creativity for Older Adults and Asbury Methodist Village are proud to announce Encore Chorale is coming to Asbury Methodist Village September 5, 2012. Join the over 550 older adult singers who meet weekly around the MD/DC/VA area to explore their voices and learn challenging and fun choral repertoire under a professional conductor. If you have sung sometime in your life and want to return to singing, or have sung your entire life, join the Asbury Methodist Village Encore Chorale.

    The class is instructive as well as enjoyable. Learn proper breathing techniques and how to improve your speaking and singing voice as conductor Robert   Johnson guides singers through weekly rehearsals in three- and four-part singing

     To join the Encore Chorale, call Encore at 301-261-5747 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.

    Open to all!

    No audition required; participants must be 55 or older. Singers seated for rehearsals and performances.

    Fall Session 15 rehearsals
    Starting Wednesday Sept. 5 1:30—3:00 pm

    Fee: $100.00 per 15 weeks
    Made possible by a grant From MetLife Foundation

    Rosborough Theatre
    409 Russell Ave,
    Gaithersburg, MD 20877

  • If It's Sunday, This Must Be...

    jeanne_bostonEnjoying a Beautiful Day in BostonI'm sure many of your remember that 60's song that started, "Oh my bags are packed and I'm ready to go..."  I think the title was Leaving on a Jet Plane. Well, that's suddenly the story of my life!  Larry and I were in Boston this past week to meet with Grand Circle Travel.  They were holding a "Group Leader Orientation" for a couple of days.  That's us, as we are planning a "Singing on the River" Cruise up the Seine River (Normandy to Paris) next May.  We already have 82 people signed up - which makes us a pretty big deal with Grand Circle.  And we're hoping to squeeze in a few more as soon as another group releases unbooked staterooms.  So, if you're interested, let me know ASAP!  Any rooms we get will go quickly.

    Today, I'm off to the Senior Theatre USA Conference in New Orleans.  I'll be doing a short presentation this evening then conducting a choral workshop for each of the four days of the conference.  This is a new program for Senior Theatre USA and I'm excited to be a part of it.  My good friends Stu Kandell of Stagebridge Theatre in Oakland, California who conduct our theatre track at Chautauqua, Michael Patterson of MindRamp, as well as Arne Lindquist who has the senior musical theatre program at the Community College of Baltimore County, will all be there. Should be a fun week!

    Next week, it's Minneapolis for the Chorus America Annual Conference. I will be a speaker on the program there.  This will be a great networking opportunity as most attendees are choral directors.  As we're looking to take Encore "national," I'm hoping to find some excellent conductors who'd like to start Encore Chorales in their areas.

    And then...it's off to St. Mary's for the first of our two Summer Institutes!  This will be our first Institute to offer a Band Track. We've teamed up with Roy Ernst and New Horizons for the band program and it promises to be a big success. 

    July will include a couple of weeks vacation - I think I'll need it!

    Then August is Chautauqua and September starts our sixth season - with a new Chorale at Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg.  

    It's the beginning of June and I'm already wondering what happened to the summer!

  • A Busy Month of June!

    02-combined_groupWOW!  Where oh where has June gone?   The older I get, the faster it goes.   Let’s see…………………. I was in Boston,  then off to New Orleans to speak at the Senior Theatre USA conference where they were introducing a choral track for the first time.  Fun!  Then on to Minneapolis for the Chorus America Conference where I was presenting on Encore and the older singer.    Chorus America is the association that all professional, semi-professional and community choirs belong to.   Many of them are auditioned choirs and they love to weed out the older singers that can’t sing as high, lose some flexibility, can’t stand for performances, etc.   So I spoke on not putting those singers out to pasture, but offering them an Encore Chorale.   The response was excellent.   Yes, there are still many who believe that singers have a shelf life, but more are understanding that singing is a lifestyle and singers should be able to sing in a sophisticated setting until the day they die.   I think I got the word across.  Everyone knows about Encore!  And that is exactly what I want.  We are making huge strides. 

    I was home for two days and then left for our Encore Institute at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.   We had 45 excellent singers and 22  in the band program - a first for Encore (photo of them all on left).   It was a great five days.   We learned, laughed, lived, ate way too much and had a grand time.  The grand finale concert was so much fun and the audience loved it.   Voice of America came to tape the concert and interview some singers.   They will be airing a TV piece on Encore sometime late summer.   I will let everyone know when I know.

    Now I am sifting through piles of paperwork, planning the fall, making final choices on repertoire, etc. And we are starting our 12th area Encore Chorale at Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg in September.  Hmmmmmmmm

  • One for the History Books: St. Mary's 2012

    02-combined_groupEncore Creativity for Older Adults celebrated the arts for older adults with our fifth Encore Institute at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, June 19 – 23.  Over 65 singers and instrumentalists came to St. Mary’s to challenge themselves learning new music, studying technique,  and meeting new friends from across the country.  Encore Chorale was directed by Founder Jeanne Kelly and Krystal McCoy, conductor of the Southern Maryland Encore Chorale at Asbury~Solomons.  The Band was conducted by Roy Ernst, Founder and Will Dabback, director of the New Horizons Band in Harrisonburg, VA.

    Singers began their day with movement/dance taught by Ms. McCoy.   Full choral rehearsals, technique classes and sectionals followed.   The band began with full band rehearsals, followed by woodwind and brass ensembles and recreational music.

    By 5:30pm, everyone was ready to enjoy dinner and the evening entertainment which included St. Maries Musica, a talented 16 voice auditioned ensemble from St. Mary’s County,   Hot Buttered Nuggets which included string bass, percussion, piano and a guy who could make himself sound like a trumpet, sax, banjo and stringed bass!   The participants also enjoyed a scenic cruise on the beautiful St. Mary’s River.

    The final day of the institute was time for the musicians to show what they learned.   They performed before a very enthusiastic and large audience in St. Mary’s Hall.  And Voice of America was taping the performance for a future broadcast.  The chorale and band joined forces to perform a very moving rendition of Battle Hymn of the Republic.

    Encore was founded on three principles: artistic excellence, physical and mental benefits and social benefits.   The Encore Institute at St. Mary’s College of Maryland scored high on all three principles.   The musicians learned, laughed, lived fully and had a ball.


  • Free Concerts at Saint Mary's

    Encore Creativity for Older Adults announces free concerts at Encore Chorale Institute at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. These concerts are offered are part of the Encore Institute at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, offering Encore Chorale program and the New Horizons Band program. Participants at this five day institute are all age fifty-five plus. There is still time to be a participant in this nationally known music institute.  The general public is invited to attend these free concerts.


    WHAT:Encore Chorale Institute at St. Mary’s College of Maryland announces three free concerts:


    st maries musica
    Tuesday, June 19, 2012         7:30pm
    St. Maries Musica in concert, St. Mary’s County's very own premier vocal ensemble directed by Krystal Rickard McCoy


    Wednesday, June 20, 2012   7:30pm
    Hot Buttered Nuggets! A swingin’quartet that puts on a real show!


    Saturday, June 23, 2012       2:00pm
    Encore Creativity of Older Adults presents a grand finale Encore Chorale and New Horizon Band concert, including Broadway, a Stephen Foster collection and Battle Hymn of the Republic.


    WHERE:  St. Mary’s College of Maryland,

    Auerbach Auditorium at St. Mary’s Hall




  • PHOTOS: Encore 2012 Summer Institute at St Mary's College of Maryland

    Photos of the Encore Summer Band and Choral Institute at St. Mary's College of Maryland, June 19 - 23, 2012.

    To view photo album, click on the picture below, then click on the right side of each picture to advance to the next.