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  • Time to Hunker Down!

    jeanne_serenade_2012The marina has taken their huge flag down in their preparation of Hurricane Sandy.  I always know what the wind direction is doing by looking at the flag.   But the wind is cranking up here – Sunday morning 8am – and the trees definitely display the wind direction.   We are lucky to live on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  They say because of the wind direction when the hurricane comes on shore, that the water will be pushed up into the Eastern Shore.  So that is great for us. Not so great for those on the other side of the Bay

    We live very close to a huge marina – Herrington Harbour North – and it looks like many sailors took their sails off.  And boats are double and triple tied.  We have battened everything down, but we have not removed the sails.   That is a big job and with our grandson’s second birthday party yesterday, there was no time.   We brought in the kayaks, dinghy, took all the canvas off the boat.   Took all cushions off the screened-in porch furniture, and patio furniture is in. The generator is ready to go.   After watching the wind reports, I think that generator will see some action. We are supposed to get sustained 50 mph winds for a long time.  Two days.   Ouch!

    Cantabile will ride out the storm with her bow facing north, the wind direction.   She is a heavy boat and I am sure she will be fine.  She made it beautifully through Isabel, back in 2003. 

    At time like this, there is something to say about living in the city!

    And we just had extensive landscaping done.  Oh me.

    So we are compiling a food list of things to eat that don’t take the stove or oven.   We won’t have those appliances available to us if our power goes, even with the generator.   The generator is mainly for some lighting, refrigerator, well, furnace, and the big thing……….the sump pumps.   They will be working overtime.

    Lucas’s second birthday party was yesterday and it was so much fun.   He loves an audience.   And he got a drum set from his Auntie Heather!  Oh boy.   He calls me Gigum  and his Gigum certainly enjoyed the drum set too!

    He loved his Thomas train set.  And lots of books.   The big puppet theatre was a hit too.  Too many toys!

    He had fun with a balloon that played the birthday song if he tugged on it.  He figured that out and drove us nuts.

    I am just about to put out a notice to our Encore Chorales that meet on Mondays and Tuesdays.   I think the word will be hunker down!

  • Encore Featured in Washington Post

    Encore is proud to have been featured in a full page article in the Sunday Arts Section of the Washington Post, Sunday October 7, 2012. Thank you to Margo Hammond for the excellent coverage of Encore's Summer Institute at the Chautauqua Institution and to photographer Harold Miner.


  • Fall Has Arrived!

    jk_blog_photoI can tell it’s fall.  Huge sailboats pass through the jetty we see from our home, leaving at sunrise, heading south to the great Caribbean and maybe beyond.  I am jealous.  That is our plan, but the years are ticking by all too fast. All these sailors stick around for the US Sailboat Show up in Annapolis and as soon as the show is over, they start moving south.

    And last night we saw the Great Schooner Race progress down the Bay.  That 110 footer really stood out, backlit by the fading western sun.   Just gorgeous.   Huge!  I imagine they had quite a crew on board and maybe even a cook.  Not that is the way to race! 

    I have been down with this ridiculous bronchitis. Hit me like a brick last Friday…within three hours.  I tried to find substitutes for the chorales and in some cases I succeeded. 

    So let’s see……..the house is broken (flood in Encore offices so the offices now fill our living and dining room), yard broken (waiting to have major landscaping from the installation of a new septic system), boat is broken (needs new alternator) and I am broken.   I am not a happy camper.

    Those that know me well know I am a perfectionist.  So this is driving me crazy.

    But great news..……..Encore did have a full page article in the Washington Post .   A full page article!   Absolutely unheard of.  We have received so many wonderful responses and inquiries.  Upward and onward for Encore. 

    Thanks to a grant from the MetLife Foundation, Encore has been focused on expansion outside of the MD/DC/VA area.  And we're certainlyy making headway! Encore will be opening the Greater Reading Encore Chorale in Reading, PA in January. They are super organized and energized.

    And Salt Lake City will be seeing an Encore Chorale within the next six months.  And I spoke with the Executive Director of the Givens Estates in Asheville, NC about starting an Encore Chorale in Asheville, not just only for their Continuing Care Community but for the entire Asheville Community.  Upward and onward!

    The sunrise is breathtaking this morning. I love to look east and see the sailboat masts juxtaposed against the orange and pink sky.  Speaking of sky, last night the International Space Station flew directly over our home.  Incredible.  There is always something to see over here on the Bay.   I moan about the drive, but it sure is worth the trip. You can’t see what we see in town.