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  • You'll Love Paris in the Springtime!

    bizet2Join Encore Chorale for a fantastic “Singing at Sea” voyage May 15, 2013,  sailing from Normandy to Paris, France on board the luxurious Grand Circle river boat Bizet.  We will be touring the Normandy Beaches, Honfleur, Rouen, Giverny, Auvers-Sur-Oise, and on to Paris.  Singers will be performing in two towns along the way. Included in this exclusive discovery series are a Paris cruise, introduction to Impressionism, a French cooking demonstration and language lesson,  home-hosted visit, French gourmet tasting, painting lesson, cheese-tasting, and the Caen Peace Memorial Museum.  Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

    Singers who are not currently singing with Encore Chorales will receive music via mail and will be expected to know the music at performance level when they arrive in France.    We will have some rehearsal time on board the Bizet.

    Encore goes international!   Come join us.

    Download an informational flier HERE or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details and reservation information.

  • Encore Returns to St. Mary's College of Maryland

    00_st_marys_2011_official_photoEncore Creativity for Older Adultsis pleased to join in collaboration with two of the nation’s premiere creative arts programs to present an innovative educational and performance program for adults over the age of 55 at beautiful St. Mary’s College of Maryland

    At this Fifth Annual Summer Institute, Encore will partner with New Horizons Music Association—New Horizons Band, and Dance Exchange based near Washington, DC, to offer four concurrent performance Institutes, Choral, Band, Dance/Movement, and Theatre, the week of June 19-23, 2012.  St. Mary’s College is becoming one of the premiere summer locations in the U.S. where older singers, dancers and actors of all levels of experience can learn, play and perform.  The institutes will attract adult students from all over the country to learn a new art, or continue to perfect lifelong skills.

    Participants will spend each day taking classes, learning technique, challenging themselves and rehearsing for performances in their chosen area.   All students will be offered a stretch/Yoga class daily.

    Evenings, we will enjoy dinner in the campus dining room, followed by evening recitals and entertainment programs, giving participants an opportunity to relax and get to know one another.

    All Encore programs are conducted by professional artists who will know how to get the most from their students. All are experienced working with older adults at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. This is an excellent atmosphere to develop or improve your performing arts abilities.

    Participants will have the opportunity to meet people from all parts of the country who share a passion for learning and performing. So come join us for an exciting five days!

    Encore and St. Mary’s College of Maryland offer this unique five day experience for an all-inclusive price of $655. Your registration fee includes lodging, meals, all educational programs, opening “Meet and Greet”, evening recitals, grand finale concert, institute t-shirt, and use of all St. Mary’s College facilities.

    You may download a complete brochure and registration form or register directly on Encore’s web site or call, write, or email us to register or discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


  • Holidays Are Over - Back to Work!

    JK_Boat_042509It has been a long time since I have blogged.   After all the eleven Encore Holiday Concerts, I took a badly needed break.  December 24 and 25 were quiet and the family and our dear little Lucas came on December 26th.  Christmas takes on a whole new feel when you have a grandchild.   I imagine many of you reading this will be nodding your heads yes with a big smile.  Larry bought Lucas a Radio Flyer wagon complete with seats, drink holders, a bag for his small toys and a canopy for the sun.  Oh my!  Wagons have sure advanced since I was a kid.  Lucas loved it.  We took him for a ride thru the house and he had a big smile on his face, but not as big as our smiles.  We are just crazy about Lucas!

    We had some huge projects after January 1st.  We decided that the office was way too close to our bedroom…….ten steps.  So we moved the office downstairs.  Now when I can’t sleep, I am not going to trot downstairs to do emails.  It’s a much better scenario.  In the mornings, I make the coffee and go downstairs and cuddle up on the couch with my two kitties Spencer and Spicy, one on each side of me enjoying their morning scratches.  They are very territorial when it comes to their time with Mom.  Then they climb on the back of the couch where they look out on the bay and watch the birds and the heron and the neighbor cats strutting by.  They have it good!

    On January 3th, I  picked up about 3,500 pieces of music for the Encore singers.  That is a lot of music!  We have already started six of the Encore Chorales for the spring session and everyone loves the music.  That takes a load off my brain.  It is always a scary moment when I introduce the music and wait to see reactions. 

    Our “Singing at Sea” Voyage to the Caribbean leaves in about five weeks.   I am ready!   But many of us are already looking forward to the May 2013 French River Cruise from Normandy to Paris.  It is certainly something fabulous to look forward to.

    I’d better go and make sure all is ready to open our Washington Conservatory of Music at Glen Echo Encore Chorale today.    But first, I must go to Baltimore and rehearse the Myerberg Encore Chorale, which began last week.  Drive, drive, drive!

  • Weather Watch

    jeanne_cats_web_20120128I really love our new home office!  And Spencer and Spicy love it too!   They come down with me at 5am and get copious amounts of scratches and pets.  I sit and watch CNN go on and on about the debates and then I switch to the Weather Channel. I love the Weather Channel!  I don’t know if it is because my Dad loved it or because I am a sailor and always wondering what the weather will be.  But I could watch it for hours.   It drives Larry nuts.

    From the couch I can see the screen saver on Larry’s computer and I am reminded what a great life I have.   Pictures stream by of great family pictures,  our little Lucas at the wheel of Cantabile this summer,  family gatherings, Larry and I on board Cantabile in some gorgeous Chesapeake cove, and very happy pictures of hundreds of Encore singers.   Better than a movie.  And Larry has hundreds of pictures.   And all the singers have huge smiles.  Yes, it is a reminder that all the driving and eating yogurt and a granola bar en route to my next rehearsal is well worth what I receive.  Encore has become a way of life for both Larry and me.  And over 540 singers!

    It is a balmy 60 degrees outside this am and the tide is running very high.  But colder temps and windy conditions are expected this pm.   Gee, don’t I sound like a weatherman.   Next career!