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  • Wow, What a Summer!


    00_st_marys_2011_ojeanneIt has been a long time since I last blogged.  Larry says folks love to read the blogs.  So here it goes…

    Summer has absolutely flown by!  First it was the Encore Choral Institute at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and that was a truly great five days.

    Then family came in for the Fourth of July celebration.  We had a great visit, sailed, drank, ate and it all went by too quickly.

    Then we had one day to pack for our spectacular Singing at Sea Journey on the Queen Mary 2.   Yes……specatacular!

    Larry and I went on to Ireland for a week of gorgeous scenery and white knuckle driving.  Those roads are not built for two cars.  And of course driving on the “wrong” side of the road takes some getting used to.  But we had a grand vacation.

    Then it was back at the desk getting all the information prepared for our two new Encore Chorales in Springfield and Southern Maryland.  And I had to do all the fliers for our existing Encore Chorales.  And then came the task of getting all this information out…….mail and press releases.  

    And of course Chautauqua is two and one half weeks away!  Lots to do with that huge project.  But I am ready and so are our 92 registered-so-far campers.  Should be lots of fun.

    It has been so hot this summer, so we have not sailed as much as we would have hoped to.  But the fall is the best sailing and we are looking forward to that.

    We have made it a point to see our little grandson Lucas as much as possible.  Tiffany fell dancing (slipped on a prop) and she broke her wrist.  So Grammy (yes, that is my name – I thought about Glamma (glamorous grandma J but …)  went over and took care of Lucas for a bit.  He loves to be in the hot tub.  They have the water at a lukewarm temperature and he adores it.  So much fun being with him. We got a picture of him today sporting his first tooth!

    So summer has really gone by too quickly.  But I am excited to see all the singers return and welcome our new singers.   

  • Shake, Rattle and....Blow!?!

    seismograph2Wasn’t the news of the impending Hurricane Irene enough?  Washington, DC just had a 5.9 earthquake!  What in the world is going on!

    I live over on the Chesapeake Bay, but I was in the car in Deale and didn’t feel it.  Larry just called from DC where he is standing with thousands of others outside his office building. Everyone is feeling a bit of a shock.

    Meanwhile, today is a gorgeous, brilliant, no humidity kind of day.  Unheard of in August.   I sat outside on my screened-in porch with my neighbor, Marci.  We chatted about this and that and of course the hurricane.   You talk about hurricanes when you live smack on the water and have a boat.  I am a little concerned about this one.  It is a wide one with lots of wind and rain.  I just hope our electricity does not go out.  If it does, there go our pumps that pump out all that water.  At the Deale hardware store, they were stocking batteries.  And the grocery store was stocking water.  Oh me.

    Well, that is the news for today.  Tomorrow…….who knows?

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