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  • Signs of Spring

    JK_Boat_042509Finally, there are signs of spring!   This morning a catamaran motored out of the harbor and then put his sails up.   I sure wished I was on that boat.   I miss being on the water so much.   It is my anchor.  I need it.

    Soon our beloved Cantabile will splash into the water, but first she is having extensive rigging work done, the bottom painted and a few other things.  Always something with a boat.  Then Larry has to do the woodwork and it has a lot of wood trim.   Please note that I did not say Jeanne and Larry have to do the wood.  J  I have many things in my job description but boat wood is not one of them.   You have to be in the most uncomfortable positions for a long period of time.  I really dislike it.  But to get the job done……….at least three coats of Sikens plus a clear coat,  I usually get suckered into doing some of it.

    Then I go buy myself something!  J

    The chorale rehearsals are really coming along.   I think the aging process in me brings a lack of patience.  I keep forgetting that we have 8 more weeks of rehearsals.  I have been pushing the singers hard and we are in good shape.   Now they will start to hear me say over and over again

    “WATCH ME”   and “LOOK UP” and “look like you are having fun”.  The Irving Berlin really has to be communicated, so words have to be almost memorized.   And you can’t sing Beatles with music!   This is the most difficult music Encore has tackled.  And the singers are stepping up to the task.  They are really amazing!

     It is hard to believe that we are celebrating 30 years of marriage this weekend.  I have no idea where 30 years have gone.   But I can assure it has been packed full.  We started out in Crofton,  raised the girls there,  moved to Houston (ouch) for two years,   happily returned to the DC area and lived in Falls Church for two years.   Then we moved to Alexandria for about six years and then moved out to the Chesapeake Bay. Too many moves for me.   I am a creature of habit.  And of course I have to mention the boats.   The first boat, High C’s   (very appropriate)  we had for two years and learned on that boat.  We figured if we wrecked her, it wouldn’t be too much money lost.   But we caught the passion for sailing on that little boat and soon moved up to a 28 foot Sabre sailboat with a gorgeous navy blue hull.  We named her Cantabile. We loved that boat and she was a beauty.  In fact, after we sold her to buy our current boat, also named Cantabile,  we saw our 28 foot featured in an article in the Chesapeake Bay Magazine.  The article was entitle “One Sweet Boat.”    I sat and cried because I missed her so much.  

    In the thirty years,  our beautifuldaughters have become exceptional artists, Heather a violinist and Tiffany a dancer.   It is so amazing to see them in concert. Seeing Tiffany marry Mike was so beautiful and we are lucky to have Mike for a son-in-law.  And of course becoming a grandparent is the crowning jewel.   Our little Lucas is the love of our lives.   He is just so precious.

    So we will celebrate by going to Arena Stage to see At Home At the Zoo  and then we will go to hear Heather’s West Shore Trio concert in DC.   Then we will have a lovely dinner at Tosca.   How do we keep packing in so much?????   I wonder if we will slow down the next 30 years?   My guess is no.

  • Spring at Last!


    JK_Boat_042509Spring is here.   I saw my first osprey today,  perched high up in a nest on a telephone pole.   He looked very happy to be back on the Chesapeake Bay.   I love to watch them.  He was all alone, so that means his mate has not made her way back yet from her winter home way down somewhere in South America.   They are amazing birds.   How on earth do they find each other year after year?   It isn’t a bad deal.   They find each other in March, make babies, take care of them , get them all ready to fly off on their own, and then they all leave.   So the mates don’t spend more than seven months a year together.  Maybe that is why they stay together.  

    The forsythia, tulip trees, red buds  and cherry trees are bursting with gorgeous color.   And the daffodils are up and smiling.   Boats have been starting to go out on the Bay.   It still is pretty darn cold out there.   Our Cantabile goes in the water the first week of April.   We can’t wait.   Once she is in the water,  then we have to do all her wood trim.   As I mentioned before, that is not in my job description, but in order to have her ready to sail,  I guess I will make an exception.   I just don’t like it.   But we love her looking beautiful.  No pain, no gain.

    Rehearsals are really going well.    I am starting on my rant of “watch me!”   We have seven more rehearsals and then the fun continues when we present all our concerts.    Really looking forward to that.

    Have to go watch GMU play Ohio State in the March Madness.   Larry is really into that.   If I want to see him,  I have to be too.   Wink