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  • Potomac Academy Singer Jed Duvall Gets Us Some Notice!

    Potomac Academy Encore Chorale Singer (and Encore board member) Jed Duvall recently wrote an article about Encore that appeared in the various editions of the Connection newspapers around Northern Virginia.  Jed is a former correspondent for CBS News.  Click here to read the article.  And thanks, Jed!
  • Encore Returns to Chautuaqua for Third Annual Camp

    88-chau2009 Older adult singers, age 55 and over, are invited to spend five days at historic Chautauqua Institution, August 30 - September 3, 2010. They will rehearse daily with conductors Jeanne Kelly, founder of Encore Creativity and Dr. Barry Talley, retired Director of Musical Activities at the United States Naval Academy.  Singers will sing challenging repertoire including oratorio choruses from Haydn’s Grosse Orgelmesse, and Handel’s Messiah, Appalachian Folk Songs, spirituals and a medley of The Music Man specially arranged for the Encore Chorale Camp.  Also offered will be daily movement/dance classes, vocal technique classes and sectionals. Evenings will be filled with professional recitals and relaxation. A public grand finale Encore Chorale concert will be performed on September 3 at 2:00 P.M. in Elizabeth S. Lenna Hall.

    CLICK HERE to download a brochure and registration form or HERE to register online.

  • Third Annual Summer Chorale Camp at St. Mary's College of Maryland

    aaimg_1602Encore Creativity for Older Adults and St. Mary’s College of Maryland are pleased to present the Third Annual Summer Choral Camp for singers 55 years of age and older, June 15 to 19, 2010.  With over 450 participants, Encore Chorale is the nation’s largest choral program for adults, 55+.

    Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to work with dynamic conductor Jeanne Kelly, founder and director of Encore Creativity for Older Adults. The camp will offer fun and challenging music, including classical repertoire, spirituals, and exciting Broadway music. Singers will stay in private rooms in the college dorms and will dine in the college dining hall. Each day will begin with movement/dance class taught by Washington, DC dance instructor Tiffany Haughn. Then singers will join for a full choral rehearsal. After lunch, there will be free time to enjoy recreational opportunities at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Or singers can take a voice class or participate in a sectional rehearsal, followed by another full rehearsal. Evenings, Encore will present professional recitals open to the public.

    Appearing this year will be Alan Yellowitz of The Beat Goes On presenting a dynamic drumming circle, engaging audience members. Also returning is the excellent West Shore Piano Trio. Thursday evening campers will enjoy a picnic at the St. Mary’s College Sailing Center, followed by a camp talent show! On Friday evening, the singers will attend the popular River Concert Series 2010 featuring Maestro Jeffrey Silberschlag and the Chesapeake Orchestra. The camp will conclude Saturday afternoon when the campers will perform a 2:00pm choral concert open to the public.

    Click here to download a brochure and registration form or here to register online.

  • Potomac Academy Singer Jed Duvall Gets Us Some Notice!

    jed_duvall_photoPotomac Academy Encore Chorale Singer (and Encore board member) Jed Duvall recently wrote an article about Encore that appeared in the various editions of the Connection newspapers around Northern Virginia.  Jed is a former correspondent for CBS News.  Click here to read the article.  And thanks, Jed!
  • Exciting Personal News!

    JK_Boat_042509It is indeed a marvelous spring!  Larry and I just found out we are going to be grandparents! Our daughter Tiffany (many of you know her from Encore Dance or the St. Mary's camps) and her husband Mike are expecting our very first grandchild in November and we are so excited.  She had her big three month check-up yesterday and they could actually see the fingers and the baby was moving from side to side. I wonder how long the fingers are? Just thinking if she-he might be a pianist.

    And spring continues to be a marvel on the Chesapeake Bay.  The Osprey are sitting on their nests awaiting their eggs to hatch.  We are busy preparing Cantabile for her first sail. That means a lot of, sanding, varnishing, etc.  Saturday marked the start of Rockfish season and there were hundreds of fishing boats going out of our channel at 5am or before. And it was cold! And windy. Many boats were coming back in by noon.  The Bay was really rough. I bet there were a lot of seasick folks out there.  No thanks!

    And the Encore singers are busy perfecting their music for their spring concerts. They are sounding so great. Rehearsals are full of energy and laughter.  The first gig up is next week, on April 26th,  when the Myerberg Encore Chorale of Baltimore performs at the Myerberg Gala.

    On May 1, many Encore singers will be performing under the "Big Tent" for the first outdoor concert of the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center summer season.

    Yes, spring is joyful and busy. And next spring we will have a little grandchild! We are already thinking of buying a baby life preserver! Gotta get those sailors started young!  You can't imagine our excitement...

  • I Really Loved That Car!

    JK_Boat_042509All good things come to an end.  I am so sad to know that my 16 year old Volvo with 276,000 miles on her is no longer on the road.   Saturday I was running errands in Deale, the town nearest our home.  It is a town that has a lot of drainage pipes running beside the road and a lot of 8 inch concrete barriers marking them.  Well, I ran over one and that is that.  I really tore up the bottom of my great Volvo.  I am not happy.   I had hoped to have that car for another 100,000 miles.  I was even planning to buy it new  floor mats to celebrate when she got to 300,000 miles.   Oh well,  all good things come to an end.   But I guess I got my money's worth!   But recently the poor thing started to spit this nasty black foam out of the air conditioner.  And the paint was coming off the passenger door. Larry was not crazy about driving it.  Men like good looking cars. I guess that explains why he didn't even say anything when I told him about my mishap.   I think he really wanted to buy a new car.  Laughing When I think about it,   we have had fewer cars in the last 20 years than we have had houses!  
    Three cars........ four houses.  I am a creature of habit.

    Last week Larry and I attended a book preview reception at AARP for the book Longevity Rules - How to Age Well into the Future(available in the Encore Book Store).  Stuart Greenbaum is the Editor and it was made possible by ESKATON, a Senior Residences and Services company.  It was a pleasure to meet people with such a passion for their work.  And I am pleased to tell you that AARP is really looking out for us.  They are really looking  well into the future.  The funniest idea of the evening was when someone said it would not be unheard of in thirty years to have a woman of 70 or 80 being a surrogate mother for her granddaughter!  That blew my mind.  So stay tuned!   We are all getting really younger!   And much better!  But carrying a child at 80 - no thanks!