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  • Another Rainy Day

    JK_Boat_042509Isn't this rain fabulous? Don't you just love it?? Well, at least nobody can say their throat feels dry!

    Enough rain I say. I don't want to wake up to another day of rain and gloom. But today was anything but gloom in the Schweinhuat Encore Chorale rehearsal. They are really singing well. And growing! Seems there isn't much going on in the way of performing arts for older adults on that side of the beltway. Encore is thriving from Silver Spring all the way over to Glen Echo. Speaking of Glen Echo, someone emailed me to ask if they could sing even though they just turned 54! Now that is a compliment. People can't wait to be 55 to sing in Encore! I love it!

    But of course, last week the weather was quite nice and warm and I was stuck inside a few days with the stomach bug and didn't see that fabulous weather. Hopefully all that is past and I will have smooth sailing. Speaking of sailing, "Cantabile" splashes into the water March 29. Hooray! Can't wait to get out on the Chesapeake Bay. It has been fun watching all the different kinds of ducks fly into our cove on their way to their summer home. Larry identifies each one. I wish they would hang around longer.
    And you know it is spring when you see sailboats venturing out to catch a stiff spring breeze.

    I am nailing down all the camp entertainment. That is a big job. And since we are getting a lot of repeat campers, I want to have fresh and varied concerts. One of my private students who I taught in Crofton in the 80's is going to perform. Jane Potter Baumer went on to get her undergrad and grad degrees in voice performance and she is also the conductor of the Affiliate Encore Chorale in Indiana, PA. I will be playing for her. That will certainly bring back many memories and it will be great fun.

    Jeanne Heather, an Encore Chorale Camper at St. Mary's College of Maryland, went on the Singing at Sea Journey to the Bahamas and look what she did. Swam with the dolphins! It was truly on her "bucket list" and she had the time of her life. I think the picture is priceless.

    It is suppose to be in the sixties and sunny by Wednesday, just in time for the Smithsonian Encore Chorale - all 90 of them- to have a spirited rehearsal, followed by Lorton. Tomorrow, maybe Potomac Academy of GMU and Langston will sing so well that the sun will come out! I sure hope so. As well as all Encore Chorale are singing, we will have tons of sun. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Osprey are Back!

    JK_Boat_042509Well, it is officially spring on the Chesapeake Bay! Hooray!! The Osprey are back. They are one smart bird. Every year, like clockwork, they fly into the Chesapeake Bay from way down in South America and land on the exact same day marker they inhabited the previous year. The first Osprey to show up on the day marker squawks like crazy and before you know it, the mate appears. They are lifetime partners, but they just summer together. They have their babies then they go off on their own all winter. But somehow they end up together in March in the Chesapeake. Our osprey is still squawking like crazy, calling for his mate. The other day I was watching him start to build their nest. They build them to endure hurricane force winds. He was trying desperately to carry a huge stick in heavy wind. He would fly close to the water (less wind) and then overshoot the day marker and glide in. He lost that stick but gathered other smaller ones. The nest become so huge that the Coast Guard has to clear them every fall. Very interesting bird indeed.

    The boats are starting to come back into the marina next to our home. That is always comforting. I know sailing season is just a few days away when the Osprey and boats come. Our boat Cantabile is in the water. Hallelujah! Last weekend we made the hull look gorgeous. Hard work, but worth it. Now on to scrubbing the deck, doing the wood, etc. She has to be perfect!

    All the chorales have had truly wonderful rehearsals. I am very excited about the upcoming concerts we will be presenting. We are in the weeks of more rehearsals and we will be ready.

    Happy Spring everyone. It is so great to feel the warm sun and the softer breezes today. I sure hope it lasts. It better.......I just replaced all my winter clothes with my spring finery! Nothing like being optimistic!