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  • Counting Down the Weeks to the Big Concerts

    jeanne_knappsI had a dentist appointment yesterday morning. I hate going to the dentist. I fret about it for days! So I was sitting in the chair hating every minute of what the hygienist was doing. And a double whammy! They were playing Country and Western music. ARRGH! Then the dentist comes in and she starts humming the Country Western music while checking my teeth out. Triple whammy. Glad I only have to do that every six months.

    Our darling little grandson has decided he is not too fond of sleeping. Mommy has been up for many nights. Been there.......done that. But he sure is a cutie. He has gained weight and has decided that there will absolutely be no bottle. Oh yes, he is already speaking a foreign language. 

    The chorales are sounding amazing. The rehearsals have been so exciting. The singers are singing with passion and energy and they are even starting to smile! We have three more weeks of rehearsals. I can't wait for these concerts.

    Where has the fall gone? It was just Labor Day! And next week it will be Thanksgiving. Larry and I are hanging on to every chance we get to sail. Just this past weekend we sailed over to the Tilghman Island for the weekend (photo on left). We had to take a slip because it gets rather cold at night on the water. Thought we should plug in the electric, thus the slip. But sailing time is running out. The boat comes out of the water Dec. 13. Woe is me. But with all the concerts, there will be no time for sailing. Just really grand singing!