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  • Meet the Smithsonian Singers!

    The Smithsonian Encore Chorale "Class of Fall 2011" now has over 100 singers, making it the largest of the eleven area chorales.  Click on the picture below to view photos from a recent rehearsal. Click on the right side of each photo to advance to the next (six photos)


  • Family & Nursing Care to Sponsor Concert

    Encore is pleased to announce we will partner with Family & Nursing Care® as the sponsor of Encore's December 19th concert at the new Cafritz Arts Center on the campus of Montgomery College in Takoma Park, Maryland. The concert will include all of Encore's Maryland Chorales (Schweinhaut Senior Center, Washington Conservatory of Music at Glen Echo, Anne Arundel Community College, and Myberberg Senior Center), as well as members of the Smithsonian Encore Chorale.  Also performing will be members of Washington Conservatory and Montgomery County Community Orchestras.


    Family & Nursing Care, family owned and operated since 1968, has long been recognized as the area’s leading and most highly regarded resource for private duty home care. We specialize in helping families maintain a balanced lifestyle by referring experienced caregivers who provide a range of personalized services that meet the individual needs of each client. Our hallmark is finding that special match between each client and caregiver. Service is provided in Maryland (ALL of Montgomery and Prince George's counties) and Washington, DC. Learn more at www.familynursingcare.com.

  • Singing at Sea Cruise Updates

    qm2landingheadshipEncore has been notified by our partner, Fun & Fitness Cruises, that the reservation deadline for the January 3-10, 2011 Singing at Sea Cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean Royal Navigator has been extended. So...you can still sign up! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

    AND...For those waiting for the July 6-13 Cruise to England aboard the Queen Mary 2©, Cunard has announced a limited time significantly discounted rate, which Encore cannot publish.  If you are interested please call Christine Moore at Preferred Travel.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

    Past participants in Encore's Singing at Sea Cruises have had a ball. Don't miss out on one (or both) of these upcoming opportunities!

  • Today's Horoscope

    JK_Boat_042509I always read my horoscope. Just curious I guess. But today hit it exactly:

    LIBRA: One of your projects seems to have taken over your life. It's a constant companion, ever the subject of your next thought. It changes your point of view and alters your mood. This is how it will be until the project is complete.

    Wow. That is Encore! I try to put it out of my mind but never am I successful. When Larry and I are on the boat, we say we are not going to discuss Encore, but in five minutes, there we are, talking about what needs to be done and dreaming of what it could become. It consumes us. But in a good way!

    The morning sky was incredible. I walked down the lane to get my Washington Post and the stars were amazing. You can imagine what happened next. I started humming "I Cannot Count the Stars" which is a beautiful piece we will be singing in our Holiday Concerts. Never out of my mind.

    Can you imagine rehearsing nine chorales weekly? That repertoire is firmly embedded in my brain. When I finish a rehearsal, I get in my car and turn on my iPod to something totally different. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    Larry and I had our daughters on "Cantabile" this past Sunday to celebrate my birthday. Tiff's husband, Mike, was at the Redskins game. It had been such a long time since we had sailed together. It was a gorgeous day with pleasant wind. We were hoping not to have a wild sail, because Tiff is so close to her due date. We were being careful. And I cannot tell you the excitement of the entire family. All my singers tell me being a grandparent is the best! We are ready for the big day. Come on Lucas! Well, at least that is what we think his name will be. Could be Connor. Tiff and Mike have to meet him first! Laughing

  • My New Love!

    dsc_1455aI have a new love!  Our first grandchild was born Sunday evening, October 24, 2010, at 6:45pm.  His name is Lucas Haughn Bohn and he is absolutely the most precious little guy you ever saw.   Isn't that what Grammas say?

    I am totally in love with this guy.  He is long and thin and has beautiful long fingers...............you guessed it - perfect for the piano.   Wink  His Dad is a football nut and piano might not be on the short list!

    Lucas has a full head of sandy brown hair and huge feet.  He is so content just to hang out.   He hardly slept the first day, but didn't cry either.  So far so good.   And he loves to nurse.  That is his favorite pastime right now.

    So watch out for my gramma brag book.   I will corner you and make you look at the pictures.  Laughing  And of course you will all understand, because most of you have perfect grandchildren.   Isn't life grand!

     Gramma Kelly