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It has been over two months since I blogged.   The older I get, the faster time goes and the less time I have.  I have to fix that!

The chorales are all coming up on the half-way mark for our rehearsal season and the singers are enjoying rehearsing the music and they are sounding great.   This is the time that I start saying watch me 200 times an hour.  I keep stressing that we have to look like what we are singing.

Can’t sing Fa La La with an empty face!

Had a little setback this fall.  I woke up one morning and as usual, I stood overlooking the bay drinking a cup of coffee.  When I took a sip and the mug covered the right eye, everything in the left eye was totally distorted.   All the sailboat masts were very crooked.  The dock pilings were crooked.   Everything.   I thought maybe it was the glass of wine the night before.  No such luck.   So I went to the opthamologist  and he sent me to the retina doctor who scheduled surgery for a hole in my left macula.   The surgery was not the worst news.   The four days face down following the surgery was!   It has been two weeks and the gas bubble is gone but the eyesight is quite cloudy.  It can take up to six months to clear.   Right now I have huge floaters invading my vision! My Encore conductors Jeff Dokken, Stephen Harouff and Krystal McCoy really stepped up to help cover all the chorales.   I am very lucky to have these talented conductors. And  Encore singers, Tom Hoppin, Jamie Hester (assisted by Nancy Webb) and Barbara Matchett, were kind enough to drive me to rehearsals.   I can’t thank them enough!

 Other October milestones……..our grandson Lucas turned 4.  His epic Spider Man party had 17 four year olds.   Need I say more.    Everyone has a blast.

 Talking  with some folks about the possibility of doing a three day trip to New York City which would include singing in a high profile venue.

We would also see a show and visit the new World Trade Center Memorial.  Sounds exciting.    More on this as I learn.

 Sing On!

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Well, I have finally come up for air!   I left for Chautauqua on August 29 and have not stopped.   Chautauqua was just fabulous.   Great singers, great personalities, great weather, great food  and gorgeous surrounding.   Doesn’t get any better.

 And then we started opening all the Encore Chorales the day after Labor Day.   6,300 pieces of music!   That is a lot of music.  And everyone loves the selections.   That is always a worry to me.   Success!!

 Encore has over 700 singers now.   What a success story.  I would have never in my wildest dreams thought Encore would be what it has become. But what is really exciting is how it develops and what it can yet become.  So stay tuned.

 The weather is superb, so guess what.  Larry and I are going sailing.  Hooray!   A treat for all the hard work.

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Again, it has been quite a while since my last blog.   Time flies.   It surges.   Much too fast.   And I am in awe of how much get crammed into one month!

After our last concert at the Gordon Center on May 19, I had one day to get myself together for Europe.  Talk about moving fast!   But by noon on May 21, we were walking out the door to Dulles Airport.   Didn’t know what I packed but we were out the door!

Our journey along the Danube River was so beautiful.   I am always amazed at the European architectural preservation.   But my favorite part of the trip is the cruising.   You just peacefully float on the river passing by the most gorgeous scenery you could imagine.   I had cruised the Wachau Valley in Austria last summer and it was stunning, so I was most eager to have the singers see this.   Boy, did it rain!   So we lost some of the scenery.   But when you have like-minded energetic folks travelling together,  you have a great time whatever is going on weather wise.

Our Vienna, Melk and Prague concerts were spectacular.   We got use to the five second reverberation and loved every second.   What a tremendous experience and memory for us all.

Then it was home to try and catch up on office work and make final preparations for our Encore Chorale Institute at Washington College.   But our sailboat was calling……………  Larry and I did enjoy a three day sail over to the Wye River and the Miles River.   Ahhhhhhhhhh    Our very favorite. Even pulled into S.t Michael’s for some steamed crabs at the Crab Claw.  Talk about expensive!    We ordered six medium crabs and they were $40.00.   The jumbos were $110.00 a dozen.    We can catch them off our dock for heavens sake!

Then it was on to lovely Chestertown, MD for our Encore Chorale Institute .   We had a truly fantastic week at Washington College.   The state of the art fine arts complex was grand.   And the staff was professional and attentive.   And our very own Jen Heinz had a blast driving our campers around in the six person golf cart.   We will definitely return to Washington College.

And now it is home for the summer.   I will enjoy working in our garden and seeing our adorable grandsons Lucas and Trevor.   We had them on “Cantabile” on Sunday.   The cruise lasted one and one half hours.  J   When you are 1 and 3  years old, you want to run around………not be on a boat.  But we want to get them use to the boat.  We will keep trying.

And we will sail every weekend.  

And then there is Chautauqua……right around the corner!

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I have not seen my husband run in a long time!   But yesterday I did.   Busy with lots of concerts and choosing music for Chautauqua and the 2014 holiday concert season,  I decided I needed to go do some gardening.    Great therapy.   So when I heard him yell loudly and then run,  I thought he had been stung by a bee.    Nope.   A huge black snake has snuck up on him from behind and was very close.    He is not a snake person.  Not at all.

That sure got him running! Laughing  So not only did I get great brain therapy with my gardening, but I sure did get a great laugh.

The concerts have been so much fun.  The audiences have loved the selection of music and the singers have brought every piece to life.   They have had a ball performing.   I have the greatest job in the world!


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It was indeed a huge honor to be invited to be the commencement speaker  at the University of Findlay, my undergraduate alma mater in Ohio.   I immediately started to think what a 64 year-old woman who graduated 43 years ago with a voice major and piano minor would speak to these 2014 graduates, most of whom were in the science fields……..veterinary studies, pharmacy, occupational therapy, positron emission tomography, etc!  I must say I could not have written my speech without the help of my Encore singers.   They answered the two questions I sent to them:

Did your career end up as you expected it to?

What advice would you give to 2014 graduates?

I received numerous emails with lots of advice.    I came up with a great speech, after many drafts.   And I was determined it would have humor.   So many times, graduations are somber. No fun!   And graduates are on their  Iphones and not even listening.  I was determined I would be interesting enough for them to really listen.

Well……………….I conquered!   They listened. They laughed (especially when I donned my orange freshman beanie!).   And…….I even got them singing!   All 5,000 in the audience!   It was such a wonderful experience.  I can’t even put it into words.   And the comments I received after my speech, and still receiving, have been heartwarming.   I was even called a “rock star.”  

I must say it was a humbling and scary experience walking onto that stage in front of 5000 people.   But I thought about these young graduates and all the wonderful opportunities they have to explore.  I was just completely and totally happy for them.  Condoleezza Rice -  look out!  I’m on the commencement circuit!


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Is spring really here……finally??  Our beloved Cantabile is in the water.  She still needs to be thoroughly scrubbed and the sails put on.  And I need to find time to clean and polish all of the beautiful wood in the cabin.  Maybe this Saturday.  I can’t wait to get her out on the water with her new electronics.  Very spiffy indeed. While working on the boat, Larry took an early swim this past Saturday.  He fell off the pier.  Talk about excitement!  Life is never dull.  Never! 

The yard work is keeping us busy.  I don’t even want to count all the rose bushes we have and they certainly took a hit this winter.   Just taking care of the yard and the boat is a full time gig.

And I have a more than a full time gig with our spring concerts coming up!!   These concerts are going to be so exciting because the singers are fabulous and so is the repertoire.   Everyone is having a blast.   And we are definitely stepping out on a ledge with “Ronnie” and we sure are surprising ourselves. As Gene Cohen would say, if not now……when!!!!

I have written my commencement speech.  It was not easy.  Actually it was downright scary.   I graduated from the University of Findlay 43 years ago.   The world is a very different place.  But there are definitely things that remain the same.    I hope I have captured some very basic ideas they can run with. Uncharted territory always makes me a little jittery and delivering a commencement speech is definitely uncharted territory. Never fear, I have my college freshman beanie and lots of wonderful advice from many of my 660 singers to get me through. 

The music for our Encore Institute at Washington College has been chosen and ordered.   That is always such a difficult task, but I think our singers will enjoy the repertoire. 

And then there is the Danube River cruise coming up soon.   How on earth do I pack so much into so little time. Once we have performed the first spring concert which is this Sunday at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater and when I have delivered my commencement speech,  I can start to relax and look forward to the Danube.  

We entertained the whole family this past Easter.    I have no idea how I raised two daughters, but somehow I did.  I guess age has something to do with it.  Our little grandsons go a mile a minute.  Talk about energy!

I have a funny story about Lucas.   We were at the National Harbor to watch the water fountain show.   The boys adore that.   So when Lucas climbed up on the ledge of the pool, I put my hand on his pants.  He turned and said  “Gigum, please keep your hands to yourself!”   Guess he learned that in nursery school!!!

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Well, between the excessive "junk" in my vitreous humour,  slamming my little pinky completely shut in my car door, having a bad fall on the ice rink  and all this snow and ice which has messed up our rehearsal schedule, I am quite ready for spring!  

The vitreous humour is totally annoying.   It is like looking through a veil in my right eye.  Driving at night is not fun and sunlight is also questionable. 

Then the pinky accident completely crushed my nerves and blood vessels in the finger, making playing not possible for a while.

And nothing like finding out you are not the ice skater you were when you were 14!   I was a competitive ice dancer in my youth.   I figured it was like riding a bike.   So I got on the ice and had a tremendous skating session.  Even I was impressed with my speed and agility.  At the end of the session I had a fall but got up and went on my merry way.   I absolutely loved the feel of being out on the ice.  Talk about feeling young!   A coach came up to me and asked what club I skated for.  I laughed and said I had not been on skates in years and was simply fulfilling a commitment to my Smithsonian Encore Chorale singers.   During our annual fund drive they raised an amazing amount of money for Encore.   So I was going to do a skating program for them.   I asked if she would give me a few lessons to put together a program and she said yes!   I just wanted to look good.  I even had music chosen to skate to.  So I went back to the ice a few days later and was warming up and felt a little too much like Dorothy Hammill and I got too fancy.  Wow.   What a spill I took!  Being the oldest skater in the rink by about 50 years,  I saw kids looking aghast.   My “coach” skated out onto the rink and asked if I was OK.  Of course I said yes. Ha ha.  In five minutes I could not lift my left foot off the ice.   It killed me, but I couldn’t finish my lesson. Crawled out of the rink, X-ray the next day and lots of leg rest.  No broken hip! Starting to feel better, but my ego is bruised……………….

The rehearsals are going well in spite of missed sessions because of the weather.   I think we are in the clear now.   Very unlikely we will get more snow……..right???

The camp registrations are coming in and I am getting very excited about our new camp venue at Washington College in Chestertown. 

 And in about two months, 95 of us will be leaving for the Danube River Cruise.   Lots of happy folks.  

We just received our January 2015 departure dates, Jan. 3 and Jan. 6 for Cuba.   We have two slots available.   Cuba will be so different and we will get to meet with locals and university professors and musicians and dancers.

Life is full.  Sing On!

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Finally……the ice is starting to melt.   I just looked out and the bay is backlit by the western sky.  The remaining ice is sparkling and there are at least a thousand seagulls sitting out on an ice ledge.  They are gorgeous.  The ice and sun are giving them a shimmering silver color.   Just beautiful.  But I am ready for spring, with Cantabile back in her slip.  I miss walking out onto the dock.   I moan about all the work that goes with living here but how could I ever leave this mesmerizing spot.

Encore is throwing us a lot of work right now.  On top of the list is to finalize the choice of music for the camps.  As usual I have “piles” across the granite counter top and the piano.   Piles of “definite,” “kind of definite,” “maybe,” and “no.”  And then I start to do the shuffle which means I move one from Washington College over to Chautauqua and keep on switching.   Drives me crazy.   But what really gets me frantic is making the phone call to Foxes Music to actually order.  Then it is final.

We also have the camp applications starting to come in and we are on a deadline for a grant.   Always on a deadline for a grant!

What would I do without Jen and Larry.   I wouldn’t!  End of story. 

And Encore development takes a lot of time. Time worth spent.   Every town in the country needs an Encore Chorale!

Encore has been invited to perform at the prestigious Chorus America Conference in DC in June and also the National Center for Creative Aging Conference in June, so there is work to do on that.   And before that we perform all our spring concerts and travel to Europe and sing three concerts which takes preparation.

There is always something going on.

But that means Encore is soaring!  Upward and onward……….. 

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Well, this winter is something else.   I have never seen ice last this long on the creeks.  We have had ice for weeks.   And now we are expecting more snow.   But I can tell you that the bay is stunning in snow.   Nothing like it.

Right now we have at least a thousand sea gulls perched out on an ice shelf and they look like they are having a great party.   The cold doesn’t seem to bother them.  It certainly has been bothering me!

Our rehearsals have been going so well.   Everyone loves the repertoire.   Now if I could just play with all ten fingers.   Seems that I slammed my little left pinky with my car door and now I am playing with nine fingers. Ouch.

Looks like we will have 96 cruising with us on the Danube River.   Amazing.   We will be doing three concerts on the journey… in Vienna, one in Prague and one at the gorgeous Melk Abbey.  Aren’t we something!

 Time to push back from the computer.   It is 6pm -  time for a good glass of wine…….

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It is so cold that the heron looks like he is stuck in the ice!   And it is so windy that the water is having a difficult time freezing.

I am so glad I didn’t have to go out today.  Smithsonian and others missed their rehearsal today, as did the chorales of Potomac and Langston yesterday. 
But I always figure in extra weeks of rehearsals to accommodate for snow days, just like when we were in school.  So……we are covered!

The “spring” (ha ha) rehearsals got off to a great start last week.   I think everyone loves the music we have chosen.  I always get very nervous at the beginning of every 15 week session, wondering if the singers are going to like what we have come up with.  But who would not love Porgy and Bess and Rogers and Hart?  They just don’t write music like that anymore.

The snow days have given me the opportunity to think about “camp” music.   Coming up with some great stuff.  So get yourself registered for the camps.   I can promise you a great time!

No more snow!


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Jeanne BlogIt’s the last day of 2013 and it is a gorgeous cold, brilliantly clear and windy day on the bay.  The heron looks cold!  And the buffleheads continue to put on their entertaining show.  Guess they are sticking around for the winter.

Jen and I spent the morning getting donor contribution thank you letters out.  I am so very very grateful to all who responded.  Our singers have definitely shown that they value what Encore delivers.  Every day in the month of December Larry and I would sit by the Christmas tree and open the envelopes.  What fun!  And then the fabulous concerts gave joy to so many people.  It was truly a fantastic holiday season.  I have yet to watch the Kennedy Center concert, but I sure have received many emails saying how dazzling it was.  

After we got the letters finished, we packed up boxes and boxes of music for the spring season.   I am so excited about this music.   From Verdi toThe Four Seasons!   And I am not talking about Vivaldi.   We will have a blast with “Ronnie.”   And Phantom!

Larry and I will be babysitting our grandsons Lucas and Trevor while their parents enjoy a well-deserved overnight out.  Trevor just learned to walk yesterday so we will definitely be running all night!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!   Sing ON!

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When I think about the month of December, it tends to become a blur.  Twelve concerts, all with different components.  Five of these concerts were huge.  They all went extremely well.  We attracted large and appreciative audiences and also attracted some new Encore singers.  People ask how we get our singers and it is simply word of mouth and our fabulous concerts.  Folks see us having lots of fun and paying back to the community and who wouldn’t want to be involved in that effort.  We do it because we love it.  There is nothing like being in the middle of a chorus and singing your heart out.  I must say I am looking forward to sitting in the middle of some Encore Chorale some day and singing my heart out.  That is why I am so very very grateful to those that have most generously donated to our annual fund raising campaign.  Encore needs to go on forever so that our grandchildren and their children will be able to enjoy singing in later years.  It was so much fun to see grandchildren rush up to the stage to sing Jingle Bells and ring bells at some of our concerts. Everyone was so happy.  What more could we ask for. It’s still not too late to donate!

Christmas was magical with the grandsons Lucas and Trevor.  Lucas’s favorite gift was “laser fingers” and they cost $4.00.  Smile  Doesn’t take much.  Trevor is happy with anything but particularly loved doing his “Pizza Dance” for all of us.   When you ask him to do his pizza dance (he loves pizza!)  he bobs his head back and forth and looks so darn cute with that smile of his.  I could watch them both all day!

And here Jen and I are, working the day after Christmas!  Lots to do for the spring semester!  Gotta get crackin'……………   We have about 5,500 pieces of music to get into bundles for the singers.  Plus the camp brochures, etc.   Encore never stops!

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Eleven down, one to go………the biggest concert of them all – the Kennedy Center. Tonight we will have 250 singers on stage, loving every note and every second.  It is always a very exciting evening because there are thousands of people coming to sing the Messiah Sing along with the National Symphony.  So as they are waiting to go into the concert hall, they listen to us.  Huge!!!!!

All the concerts have been incredible.  The singers have been professional and they sound fabulous.  I couldn’t ask for more. 

It is winter…..but……it is 68 outside.  The boat was pulled out of the water on Friday.  She is now lying in her cradle in the boat yard not far from our home.  I went over to see her on Saturday.  Cantabile is lonely.  She loves to romp the bay.  Only three more months, Cantabile!

I know it is Christmas on the bay when I see Christmas lights on the masts of sailboats on the creek.  And across the creek at Town Point, someone has placed an outline of a Christmas tree on the end of the dock and it is adorned with white lights.  I love it.  So peaceful to look at.  

But the best thing about the season is the music.  There is nothing like Christmas carols sung classically.  I am sure Larry and I will sit at the piano Christmas Eve and sing sing sing.  

Sing On!

Merry Merry Christmas!

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Virigina Chorale Concert Dec 15 2013The Holiday concerts are rolling along, some in intimate settings as in Southern Maryland, and some enormous as in the Virginia Encore Chorale concert at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington.  They all are truly wonderful.  I am so proud of these singers.  I never ever dreamed that Encore would become this magical place where older adults can be so expressive and sing so well and give back to their community through song.  It is truly fabulous.  I can’t tell you how many emails and notes I receive from singers and audience members.  I save them all.

Well, it has happened to me.  I never understood what singers were talking about when they said they had “floaters” and couldn’t see to sing.  Now I do.  Just like the snap of your fingers, I got floaters.  Amazing and scary.  My vision is really diminished.  Off to retina specialist yesterday, missing the final rehearsal for AACC which was very capably taken by singer Sue Perry.  No retina tear but I am prime for one.  Geez!  This aging thing……………  But don’t worry,  I just about know the music by memory. Wink   Singers still have to watch me like a hawk.  I know everything that is going on.  Everything!

In the next six days, we have five more concerts.  And this morning I have a huge concert………………… gorgeous little three year old grandson Lucas is singing in his pre-school holiday concert.  Oh boy, I can’t wait!  He loves to sing.  Where did he get that?

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TrevorThanksgiving went fast. On the big day, the grandparents and our gorgeous grandsons Lucas and Trevor all gathered for dinner.  I can’t get enough of those children.  

Friday we met Tiff and Mike and the little guys at National Harbor. Lucas absolutely goes nuts over the water fountain show at the Gaylord Hotel.  And not only did they have the fabulous fountain show with lights and music, but then they released lots of snow.  It was magical.

Saturday was Trevor’s (photo) first birthday so we all met again, ate some more and watched Trevor and Lucas have a ball.  I can’t believe one year has passed so quickly. 

Today was a sad day for Larry and me.  We took the sails off our beloved “Cantabile.”  It’s time.  There is a thin coating of ice on the cove and winter brings huge low tides when there is a northern or north/west wind.  I know our keel was on the bottom of the bay this past week.  Yes, it’s time.  Winter is officially here.  But the bright side of things is that she will go back in the water April 1.  Only four months…..long months.  But she “sleeps” in the boat yard next to our home, so I occasionally drive over there and pat her on her hull and tell her how much I miss her. 

Oh yes, we also spent a lot of time this weekend getting out all the annual fund-raising letter to our singers, our biggest donors.  660 letters are going out.  Here is hoping!!

This week we start presenting our fabulous Fa La La Fantasy concerts.  Very exciting time indeed.  Our first concert in Thursday at the beautiful Gordon Center in Owings Mills, MD with the AACC Encore Chorale, Myerberg Encore Chorale and the Reading Affiliate Encore Chorale.  Then on Friday we are at Asbury Methodist Village  Retirement Community.  I know the singers are ready!!

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The Buffleheads are back!   These darling ducks pop below the water one by one,  swim around down there, and then one by one, pop up.   We currently have six in the cove, but I am hoping more fly in. They are so much fun to watch.   So here is a holler to all you Encore bird watchers………..come down to the Kelly house on the Chesapeake Bay for the show! Just give us a call.

 I don’t know about you, but I can’t get Ocho Kandelikas out of my head.  Yesterday at the Smithsonian rehearsal, I was conducting, playing the piano and playing the kazoo all at once.  It was absolutely hysterical. 

Programs are almost ready to go to the printers.   Now all we have to do is watch Jeanne!   We’ll be ready to wow our audiences.

Sing on!   Above all, watch!

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What a yukky weather weekend.  Currently we are socked in with a very heavy fog.  I can't even see the water and we are very close to the water!

I have spent a good chunk of time going through choral scores trying to find the absolutely perfect music for spring.  It's tricky because we are singing at the Chorus America Conference in June and we are singing on the Danube.  Have to take all of that into consideration.  I think I am close to finalizing.  But then,  finalizing could take many more hours of work. You have to have the right mix of styles,  you have to make sure the soprano line is not too high, you have to make sure the baritone and tenor parts don't split, and you have to know this is going to be fun music to rehearse for fifteen weeks.  Our rehearsals are largely about education. Are our singers going to learn from the music.  And oh, is the audience going to like it!  Lots of things to consider.

I was absolutely amazed to receive an invitation to be the commencement speaker at my undergrad alma mater, University of Findlay,  in Findlay, Ohio.  I didn't see that one coming at all, but I am delighted and excited. And I have a treasure trove of material.  I have the distinct pleasure of working with over 600 singers weekly,  who have experienced lessons of life.    So I am going to ask them what their best advice is to these graduates.  I know what I will drive creative in whatever you and know what is going on around you. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_Doris-Day.jpgThis very funny story came to me via a Smithsonian singer,  Allen Rosin. Absolutely hysterical!

He writes: 
> We had a small dinner party last night. 1 couple gets here before the
> Dear long time friends of Cookie's.
> They know I sing with Encore. He asks many interesting questions last
> She joins the boys conversation and promptly asks if I still sing with
> Doris Day.
> He says Jeanne Kelly. We all laugh. I knew it was a movie star name
> she says.

> Hope you are laughing too.

Dance on, Jeanne Kelly Wink

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I always read Petula Dvorak’s column in the Post and I was simply amazed at her column this am about the football coach from Annandale High School who kicked the Annandale Marching Band off the field during their half time show so that his football players could come on early and warm-up. I am sure the thought never crossed his mind that his football players probably will not play football past the age of 21 and most of those dedicated musicians will make great music for their entire life!   So I wrote a letter to the editor!

The sunrise was breathtaking this morning.   I just stand and watch the sky change, second by second.  I love my mornings……just me, my cats Spencer and Spicy, my coffee and my Post.   The calm before the storm……………

Rehearsals are in high gear, and I become very pushy!   Watch me……watch me…….watch me is my cry!!!   But boy does that work.   The singers will be ready.   The music for this season is not extremely difficult but the precision is the key factor.   It has got to be sharp and precise and singers have to watch.   And then there is the “look like what you are singing” factor.   So there is a lot to think about!   I have no doubt our singers will wow their audiences.

I was so very pleased to receive a call from the Education and Outreach person at the Cathedral Choral Society.  She said the Choral Society loves what Encore is accomplishing and they would like to present us in concert next year at the National Cathedral.  WOW!   What an incredible invitation.   

Two weeks ago we announced in our e-newsletter that we were offering a trip to Cuba in January, 2015.   Well,  that trip with twenty singers is FULL!   So we are opening up another Cuba trip.   Proof that our singers love to travel and sing.  The trip will include dancing, singing and art in Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad.   And we will be singing!

Late October I lost a dear friend, tenor George Lane.  George and I sat on the porch of the Athenaeum Hotel the last two years at camp,  talking about life and the beauty around us.   George sang up to two weeks before his death. Singing was in his soul.   He loved singing with Encore at Asbury Methodist and he loved singing at Chautauqua. I will dearly miss him.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_64.jpgI awakened at 5am and Larry said Happy Birthday darlin'.  I sang When I'm 64 and picked up my big boy kitty Spencer and danced. he didn't have as good a time as I did. Then Larry played "Today Is Your Birthday" and it sunk in that indeed I am 64! Holy Cow!

Today will be an Encore Day......a fine Encore day.  I will begin by directing our Potomac Encore singers where to park at our new location. I know they will have a great rehearsal. They always do. Then on to Langston for another spirited rehearsal.

But before the rehearsals of the day, I drop off my car at the auto body shop for a minor repair as a result of being rear-ended a couple weeks ago. then off to the post office. 

Yep........a typical day but a year older!

Finally at 4 pm I will pick up Larry at his office and we will have a glass of wine somewhere and lobster at Old Ebbit Grill.  My favorite!

Happy Birthday To Me!!

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b2ap3_thumbnail_si-message.jpgAhh, what a week and it's only Wednesday.

The government shutdown has effected two of our chorales, Smithsonian and Washington Conservatory of Music at Glen Echo Park, but we now have space. Kudos to  the Smithsonian and the conservatory for taking quick action. 

Space issues have forced us to move out of The Woodlands which houses our Potomac Academy of GMU Encore Chorale but thanks to Libby Curtis, Director of the Academy, we now have a new home at the Academy. And thanks to The Woodlands for your support over the past few years!

So……..a lot of moving around for one week.

Speaking of moving……………the Osprey are gone!  They have moved on to South America and warmer climates.   Hallelujah!!  It isn’t that I don’t love our Osprey, I just don’t like a dirty boat.  And they seem to love our boat.

This gorgeous weather we have been enjoying would make anyone sing!   Love it.

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