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David lloyd

David Lloyd spent his career building grass roots organizations: first in New Jersey for the New Jersey Business and Industry Association; then nationally in DC for the American Coatings Association (ACA). During his tenure at both organizations, he advocated on behalf of his membership with state legislators and members of Congress, as well as state and federal regulators. He developed a reputation as an honest, straightforward, and well-liked professional. In his years representing the paint industry, he successfully passed legislation to expand the capabilities of the industry, with the participation of the state grassroots organizations he initiated and led. He managed a staff of lawyers at ACA as well as federal, state and local consultants/lobbyists throughout the country. He retired on December 31, 2010.

David grew up in a very musical family — his father, Norman, was Dean at the Juilliard School of Music and served as the first Director of the Rockefeller Foundation for the Arts during the 1960's. His mother, Ruth, taught dance and rhythmic training at Sarah Lawrence College. Both were instrumental in founding the American Dance Movement at Bennington College in the mid 1930s. As a young adult, David played trombone in high school and college marching bands — and two dance band groups during the mid-1950s (including a solo performance on American Bandstand).



David received his BA from Cornell University and his law degree from New York University. He is admitted to both the New York and New Jersey Bars. David was elected last year to the Board of Directors of his condominium in Chevy Chase. He also volunteers at Food & Friends, an organization that provides food for several thousand residents in the DC area who are otherwise unable to cook for themselves. In addition, he is serving as the liaison with the attorney representing the Homeowners Association in St. Michaels, MD, regarding proposed zoning regulations affecting the townhouse community of which he is a member/homeowner.

He is in his fourth year singing Bass/Baritone as a member of the Glen Echo Encore Chorale. And, is serving as co-chorale master with his wife, Andrea Wollock.

David and Andrea have traveled widely, visiting all seven continents in the world over the past 26 years, and he dotes on his two grandsons, who, fortunately, live nearby.


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