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Dan Martin

Dan Martin, a member of Glen Echo Encore since 2011, has had a career in the public sector, primarily focused on information dissemination and public outreach to help build coalitions of supporters for economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Dan worked in the Office of External Relations of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Washington D.C. for 27 years. The IDB is a multilateral development bank that finances public and private sector development projects in the region. As Chief of the Public Information and Publishing Section of the IDB, he managed outreach programs aimed at key constituencies, including the U.S. government, the private sector, foundations, NGOs, academia and labor organizations. He also managed the institution's website and publications programs; and managed, wrote, edited and produced the IDB's Annual Report for many years.

Prior to joining the IDB in 1980, Dan worked in national and state level political campaigns and held various positions in state governments, including the Illinois Comptroller's Office and Illinois Department of Aging in the mid-1970s as well as the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Dan attended Sarah Lawrence College in the late '60s and graduated from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois in 1975, majoring in American Studies. Dan was born and raised in Highland Park, Illinois; is married to Veronica Martin and has two children; and they live in Bethesda.

At the IDB, Dan received special recognition for his work in a variety of areas, including the Outstanding Leadership Award for advocating and organizing efforts to focus attention on Afro-Descendents and Indigenous Peoples in the Americas. He served for many years on the senior level Environmental Committee, which reviewed the environmental impact of development projects. He was the official liaison between the IDB and the AFL-CIO and its Latin American and Caribbean affiliates. He received special training at the JFK School of Government, Harvard University, in their Program for Senior Managers in Government. Dan is an effective writer and public speaker.

Dan is greatly enthusiastic about joining the Board of Directors of Encore and looks forward to participating in efforts to build on the enviable success of Encore to help insure a sustainable future.



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